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  • "Our guide was knowledgeable, friendly and made our experience superb. Felt safe at all times and saw plenty of animals and birds." - Chris Warhurst

What’s Up?

Ranger's Bush News

Winter Talk…

Good day all bush-lovers It has been an epic last few weeks at Ndaka Safari Lodge… we’ve had regular sightings of elephant, buffalo and our resident Nambiti lioness with her three 10 month old cubs. On most occasions she is joined up by the coalition of brothers, our two very handsome male l ...
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Elephant Talk

There are a few animals in this world that can communicate in a dialect of sorts. One of them is the African Elephant. Now we all know that an elephant trumpets when annoyed or stressed but what a lot of people don’t realise is that elephants can communicate with each other on a more personal [&he ...
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Seasonal Change

Every year there are a few points that really stand out for me … One of those is the changes in the weather – something many people don’t see happening. It is that time of the year when the sweaters come out and the days get shorter. The birds lose their tails and Scorpio joins […] ...
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Birding Our Garden

When people come to a game reserve it is usually a special occasion or a weekend away from the “rat race” of everyday life. These areas create a sanctuary for people to get in touch with nature and relax to the sounds of the African bushveld. Heading out on one of our game drives and […] ...
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Africa Through My Eyes

When we go out to find the “big five”, does it matter if we stop to look at the smaller things? The sound of a Jackal calling in the evening and what it means? Looking at a track and following it to find the animal that made it. The smell of wild mint or the […] ...
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