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The Story of a Puddle

The Story of a Puddle

Wildlife footprints

In the early morning during the summer months the roads are littered with puddles – some larger than others; some full and some drying out. These are the puddles that are worth a look. During the night the Reserve becomes a hive of activity with all sorts of creepy crawlies moving about and inevitably crossing these semi-dry mud pits leaving behind little trails and clues to what might have happened that night.

For the most part the bigger tracks are present and will be seen. Maybe a wildebeest track and that of a passing rhino. But it is the tiny tracks that fascinate. The millipede or ground beetle terrapin or toad, each time one of these little creatures crosses this path a layer to a story is formed.

Reading these stories has been done for years and to a degree is attached to the Bushman and Koi San but  a guide with any experience should be able to read to you the story and unveil what had happened in that area during the night.

It really is good fun to sit with the guests and workout what happened and allow them the opportunity to interpret the puddle and work out all the comings and goings of the previous night and early morning.

It is a story that can be read or a puddle to be driven through … it is up to your guide & you to decide how important that night’s news was …

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