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Summer in the Bushveld

Summer in the Bushveld

Storm clouds in summer


There is something special about the summer months in the bushveld. Every year like clockwork the clouds build over the horizon and the rumble of their thunder can be heard. As the first few drops of rain fall it’s as if the earth relaxes, a light breeze cools the air and the soil quenches its thirst. From the ground, green shoots start to appear and the cycle of nature seems to start all over again.

It is at this time of year that even foreign birds migrate across the seas and continent to join us for the abundance of food and warmth of the summer months. The herbivores give birth to sure footed young and the herds become a symphony of grunts and murmurs as the mothers keep tabs on their new-borns.
As a guide we are privileged to witness nature unfold and follow the cycle as the golden grass of winter becomes green and the acacia become covered in yellow blossoms. Sunbirds and bees both relish in the spoils of early summer while the toads and frogs lay their eggs in the puddles and vleis.
Every day in the bush is special and should be viewed as a bigger picture but that picture never seems as clear is it does with the summer rain falling on your skin as you watch an impala stumble to its feet.
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